What Can I Do For You?

About Greg Smith


Greg Smith is a professional writer and speaker, as well as the founder and chief creative officer of Black Lake Studio.


SmithGreg_full-300x199Greg’s unique gifts and experience enable him to:
  • Grasp critical truths intuitively and quickly.
  • Synthesize complex subjects and data into practical information for end-users.
  • Craft compelling narrative to advance and defend any brand.
  • Integrate diverse subjects to present a holistic perspective.
  • Communicate verbally and visually with clarity and sophistication.


Greg has written, co-authored or edited dozens of books and articles, including fiction and non-fiction on subjects as diverse as business management, history, contemporary events and religion. He is in demand as a ghost writer, collaborator and freelance editor.


A graduate of the University of Colorado in Boulder, he has a masters degree from Calvin College and went on to study marketing at UCLA. Over his career he has worked in the non-profit sector, marketing for technology and architecture firms, and in publishing


Greg and his family live in Holland, Michigan.