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Book Learning isn’t Everything, But it’s Something

Of course you can’t learn everything from books or in a classroom. Who said that you could? Success requires innate abilities, instincts, experience, and street smarts. Read More..

SGhighlight_booksGreg Smith has written, co-written, or edited dozens of books. He writes fiction and non-fiction, on a variety of topics.


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lostinthepages   bewise

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Greg uses crisp insights and dynamic storytelling to unpack a variety of topics. He’d love to speak to your group on the intersection of branding, business  and creativity.

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Can you tell your story well? Learn to brand yourself and create career opportunities. Greg is taking registrations for a personal branding incubator in Grand Rapids this Spring. Learn more>>


If your business or organization is looking for full-service branding, communications, and publishing, Greg’s company, Black Lake Studio & Press is ready to help you tell your story.

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Greg has worked throughout his career as a designer and creative director. He also paints expressionist landscapes and abstracts in oil and acrylics.

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Think Bigger, Act Smaller

Some people are big picture visionaries, and some are detail oriented. Some can see the forest through the trees, and some fly so far above the forest they can’t see the individual trees.

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You Started a Business! Now the Good News, and the Bad News.

It’s your first day as your own boss. Congrats! Now comes the good news, and the bad news. First, the good news. Starting today, you are your own boss! Yeah! Go you!

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“Greg is able to capture the author’s mind and heart and communicate them in a brilliant, lucid and dynamic style, making the book a page turner.”
Georges Houssney, founder of Horizons International and author of Engaging Islam